My Last Transmission

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By Samantha Sims

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 396

After 17 years of a 25 year career as an Air Traffic Controller, Samantha Sims was working an aircraft that suffered loss of control from entering a thunder storm she adamantly advised the pilot to avoid. Understandably, Samantha was shaken up from this experience, but she could not have foreseen how the loss of this pilots life was going to save hers. Contacted that evening by a coworker and advised to seek help from Dr. Beecham to re-earn her medical certification to return to work, she was blindsided by what the Psychologist said to her in their first meeting, As he shook her hand Dr. Beecham said, ”It is a pleasure to meet the infamous Samantha Sims. Do you ever feel paranoid at work?” “Yes,” she replied. “Well, don’t ever lose that feeling. I can’t give you names, dates, times or places, but they have beat the crap out of you in there.”

About the Author

Samantha Sims’ many accomplishments in life go on for pages. An overachiever that took on challenges with full confidence. She encountered her biggest obstacle when she became an Air Traffic Controller. She thought she was doing it the right way by going to the union when she was having difficulty with coworkers. As the harassment intensified, she was informed by a former facility union president, “You are never going to have a safe place to work because the union will always protect the harasser, and you definitely have a target on your back.” Samantha quickly learned that standing up for herself meant having to go it alone. Even after settling her EEOC case out of court with the FAA, she was physically and emotionally attack by her coworkers until she was ordered to work from home for the last year and nine months of her career until her forced retirement in 2014. In her story, Samantha Sims dramatically conveys the emotional stress one endures when they walk the path of a whistleblower.