Natural and Scientific Basis of Homo sapiens

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By Dewan Jaglul

About the Book

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This book bears the fruition of my four years of research to answer a question that had occurred to me during my childhood: ‘where did I come from?’ To address the question, the book begins with the beginning of time, recalling Carl Sagan, who had famously said, “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the Universe.” Evolution of life had brought life to the land; asteroid encounter served advantage to the mammals; eventually appeared the uprights. They underwent diversification; one lineage led to the big-brained Homo sapiens in Africa. However, they had nothing to show for their big brain for 135,000 years, while they discovered themselves placed near the bottom third of the food chain. After emerging from Africa, they picked up genes from other human species. Eventually, the configuration of their brain brought Cognitive Revolution characterized by the development of fictive languages. They usurped top spot in the food chain by supplementing their physical shortcomings with spear points after they had set foot in Australia. Preaching at Gobekli Tepe promoted self-esteem; liberated humans from their inferiority complex. Agricultural Revolution spread. Stone Age flourished in the Levant, humans acquired germs after undertaking animal husbandry. Tribal Gods gained status as city-states emerged. Europeans conquered the globe. Germs decimated the natives. Science merged with the empire. Discovery of the New World prompted Europeans to acknowledge their ignorance. Slavery created a dark episode in the New World. Colonies set up various laws to humiliate and subjugate the slaves. Europeans went to Africa to extract raw materials for their industries. Science progressed building on prior discoveries. Enormous human population sent wildlife to the periphery, while some unleashed various draconian brutalities on the domesticated animals. Science progresses relentlessly. Moreover, a glimpse of how we arrive into this world.

About the Author

Dewan Jaglul, you have been searching for truth throughout your life. Your endeavor to write 'Natural and Scientific basis of Homo sapiens' is a kind of that happening.
-Retired Professor Abu Mahmood al Mamun.