Natures Mirror Of Symmetry

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By Cheryl Caine

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 162

This is a picture of myself along the Columbia River placed in symmetry. It
shows the yielding receptive power of the yin aspect of the I-Ching which
is the trigram number two “The Receptive”.
In the center of this picture is a golden chalice. The top of the chalice looks
like a blue butterfly. This is the transforming womb of Mother Wisdom,
and her face is in the center of it.
On each side, the fallopian tubes reach out towards my head, where the
dancers are dancing life into being. The charioteer is poised above like “the
creative heaven”, which is the first trigram of the I-Ching representing the
yang aspect. He waits for the right time to move forward and as he sits
in his chariot, he too meditates on the Holy Grail in front of him. In the
hidden third he can bring it into motion through spirit in matter.
For many decades my prayer has been for the renewing of my mind. This
picture tells me that my prayer is in line with the process. I pray this for
everyone. May we find our holy grail, land live our destiny.