No Works!...No Faith!

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By Vicki L. Baker CMBC, CELC, CPC

About the Book

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This powerful little book helps you understand the partnership between “Faith” (Belief) and “Works” (Action, which are the Universal Laws, found in scripture). The two are one and they must work together in order for you to see the manifestation of your desires, and this book shows you how.

About the Author

Vicki is a Minister and Certified Master Business, Executive Leadership and Life Coach. She is the CEO/Owner of Create Beyond Coaching, and also a Motivational Speaker.

As a Life Coach she noticed that many people were struggling in the area of their Faith. So, she began to do a deep, study of “Faith without Works.” Vicki discovered that the “Works” were actually the Universal Laws, found in Scripture. It was important for Vicki to share with you, the reader, what God has shown her. Vicki’s desire is to show people how to apply these Laws to their Faith, so they can be, do and have whatever they are believing for.