On the Edge of Life

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By M. Blackthorn

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 454

After seven years of imprisonment in a dungeon of nightmares, prince Arkenel is finally free. He had spent all that time locked up by order of his father Rabolii Remedor, the king of a vast undead empire. Still, Arkenel cared not for vengeance or for bloodshed. He would try to become the son his father always wanted him to be and to prove himself as a worthy warrior. A suspicious, bitter man like Rabolii would not be easy to please. The family is plagued by intrigue, betrayal and ambitions. Rabolii’s goal is to use everyone and cross any line in his pursuit for power while Arkenel is torn between serving his father and serving his people, who suffer daily in the land where the undead are worshipped and human lives cost very little.