Our Fathers' Fate

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By Sean Martin McQuade

About the Book

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Our Fathers' Fate

Is an account of my adventures or misadventures, is better late than never! And I hope to share through it the fabulous hospitable times I spent submerged in cultures and visualise the magnificent places and enjoy the humorous and sad events that accrued in my life's journey a part of my past, present and shaping my future. I have falling into the magical cycle of Our Fathers' Fate and have become a spoke in the wheel of the cycle of life.

Irish sign of endearment and respect

May the road rise to greet you
And may the wind always be at your back
And may you be in heaven
An hour before the devil knows you are dead

About the Author

Sean McQuade, born 1954 to Belfast parents in Dublin always considers himself to be Northern Irish. Has numerous Australian and international employment backgrounds. He also provided services on active duties in Ireland, Lebanon and technical support in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He can also speak Arabic and some Punjabi and Urdu.