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By C.C. Crawford

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 176

Grover McKeen spent more than thirty years in exile from his family. He left college in 1952 and joined the United States Marines and later that year deployed to Korea where he was gravely wounded. His father journeyed from Florida to California to asses his sons injuries.  The visit did not go well. "Marry her and you will be disowned and disinherited." his father vowed as he left the room. Grover was mystified why his father would object to her, he did not know her. Grover only knew her by her kindness, her gentle touch and her encouraging words. His first contact with her had been at the MASH tent the morning he was brought down from the hill with a massive head wound. The doctors had no hope that he would survive but Valory was determined not to lose him.

About the Author

C.C. Crawford is a native of Central Florida. She grew up in the all white town of Ocoee and was educated in Orange County Public Schools.She still lives in the area. Among  her many interest are gardening and sports. She was a Real Estate Broker by profession. Our Place in Time is her first novel.