Pan American Flight #863 to Paradise!

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By Frank A. De La Rosa

About the Book

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A real story of a boy who experienced all the hardships in life in a poverty-stricken, small town of Panganiban, where he grew up until finishing high school. His father was a farmer, and his mother was a housewife and homemaker. They happily raised four boys and four girls. In spite of the hardships & struggles during the wartime years in the Philippines, the whole family survived before and after the end of the WW II in 1945. General Douglas MacArthur was the great & main figure to be immortalized for saving us from the hands of the Japanese. This boy studied so hard in high school. With his big dream close to his heart, and with his strong determination to succeed, he graduated in high as a valedictorian. With his diploma as a passport to college, he left for Manila to attend a university there. He was offered a full scholarship in Engineering. In college, as it was in high school, he graduated with flying colors. His academic pursuits never stopped here. In 1963, he flew to the USA, via Pan American Flight 863 (fictitious name) to Paradise. From here, his colorful life starts to unfold. -Frank A. De La Rosa

About the Author

Frank started his early education in the Philippines. He was behind in his schooling because of the World War II, which started in Europe in 1939 and spread throughout the world—that includes the Pacific Islands, from 1941 to 1945, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Frank finished his elementary education (PCES) in 1952 and secondary education (CAIC) in 1958 in his beloved hometown of Panganiban, in the province of Catanduanes, Philippines. He graduated with honors in elementary and as a valedictorian in high school. Using his diploma as a passport to college, he was admitted to the Araneta University in Rizal, Philippines. As a valedictorian, he was offered a full scholarship at the Department of Engineering, taking a course in agricultural engineering. He graduated with flying colors at AU, with a degree of bachelor of science in agricultural engineering in 1963. His yearning for higher education doesn’t stop here. After college graduation, he was admitted to the graduate school at the University of California, Davis, at the Department of Agricultural Engineering in 1963, which was focused on irrigation management and soil conservation from 1963 to 1965. In 1967, he was awarded another diploma in bachelor of science in mechanical engineering at the Heald Institute of Technology in San Francisco, California. After his academic pursuits, he worked for a major engineering corporation at the Eastern United States. He retired later in Florida, enjoying his hobby—gardening—with his beloved wife, Mary Grace, their children, and eight grandchildren. However, his beloved wife died in Florida after a long illness in March 30, 2016. Goodbye, my love.