Pikes Peak, America’s Mountain

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By Jack Denton

About the Book

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Softcover 11x8.5 116

It has been an extremely fulfilling experience of six years to set up my easel and work on location to interpret the grandeur of Pikes Peak. In 2015, three years into this painting series, I became resolved to complete one hundred canvases of America?s Mountain and document it with a book.

And now in 2018, after many seasons in the making and fifty years as a landscape painter, I can truly know that this visual journey has been an artistic project of a lifetime?a come to the mountain experience!

My essential epiphany from this epic endeavor is that Pikes Peak, although an enormous historic granite mountain located in semi-arid region of Colorado, quite often resembles an oceanic rugged coastline due to dynamic atmospherics?a marvelous irony because the peak was thrust upward eons ago from the ocean floor.

Pikes Peak?s massive size and beauty in all seasons is pure joy for my artist soul. I invite you to see America?s Mountain through my eyes!

About the Author

I first met Jack Denton in 1989 when I became the arts writer for the Chattanooga New-Free Press. Although he had a full-time job as an art educator for 40 years before moving to Colorado Springs, he was an incredibly prolific painter. As a result, I wrote numerous articles about his solo exhibitions in the United States and abroad.
During the next 23 years, I watched Jack grow and mature as a professional artist while he explored various themes. He works in series ? completing a cycle of at least 25 paintings on a particular subject matter before moving on to something new.
Fascinated by light hitting form, he used a loose, painterly, post-impressionistic style to depict subjects ranging from ballet figures to architecture, as well as images inspired during trips to Russia, Morocco, Montana and the Grand Canyon.
So, as a lover of the outdoors, it is no surprise that this current body of work is based on Pike?s Peak. Although he enjoys painting en plein air, he is fortunate that the window of his studio provides a view of this beautiful mountain. As he told people for decades, ?Someday, I will paint snow-covered mountains.?
Jack Denton has accomplished this goal.
_____Ann Nichols