Raw Intentions

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By Sarah Schneider

About the Book

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Softcover 5x8 420

The biggest lie ever told: “I’m fine.”

Depression, attempted suicide, love, loss, rape and social media abuse are considered modern day realities and a rite of passage for the young and impressionable.

As Savannah transitions into adulthood, society is quick to define her by the choices and situations she puts herself in. Her world spirals down a tunnel of no return and the aspirations and expectations childhood set her up for are replaced with recklessness and a strong inclination toward self-sabotage.

“This was an incredibly powerful, emotional and heartbreaking read,”
—Pacific Book Review

“She wanted to be responsible for her own happiness, to be strong enough to overcome moments of weakness and times of irrationality.”
—Premium US Reviews

About the Author

After attaining a degree in Fashion Design and exploring the industry working as a Junior Fashion Buyer, Sarah Schneider followed her childhood dream of writing. Moving to Barcelona at the age of 24, she worked as an au pair which allowed her the time to complete her novel. She was born in South Africa and currently living in London.