Reflections of My Mind

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By Herman Jones

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 350

When I was a small Lad, growing up in Alabama, my Grandmother used to tell me stories about different things and events she knew about. She inspired me to be a storyteller. This book is the end results of that inspiration.
My book is a composition of thoughts and ideas that reflect relationships between living creatures, both human and animal. I attempted to the show the impact of these relationships, both good and evil. I firmly believe that we all need each other, no matter how or at what level we relate to each other. Being a Christian, I tried to show these relationships from the perspective of equality and dependence of all upon the unfailing Love, Grace and Mercy of The Lord Jesus Christ.

About the Author

The Author is a United States Air Force retired Master Sergeant with twenty-one and a half years of service. He is also a retired Medical Billing Technician from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Having been an ordained Minister and Pastor of the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ for thirty-seven years and married for forty-seven years to his beautiful bride. They are both retired and still going strong.