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By Dino Hatzopoulos

About the Book

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Facts and events of my life were used to write this book. It starts with my autobiography and the events that unfolded starting at the tender age of four years old. I went through two wars—the Second World War and the Civil War. Hundreds of events took place that had an effect in my upbringing away from my mother. Well, you would need to read the book to see how devastating those events were. At the age of twenty-one, I was called to serve in the Greek army; that was in 1963. Seven months later, I left Greece for better opportunities.

About the Author

My name is Dino Hatzopoulos and I was born in Greece in a small Village by the name Velesiotes, in 1942. At the age of 6 years old I was taken to an Orphanage where I stayed for eight years, because my Father was killed during the civil war and my Mother did not have the financial ability to take care of her five kids.