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By Powell Kimbell

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 74

Runaways is a simple story, simply told. Two brothers are orphaned at ages two and four, thrust into a system of orphanages and foster homes, until their eventual adoption at ages four and six. They will become runaways, attempting to escape the real dangers of their new adoptive home. It is a gripping true story told with a factual intensity, as it was lived. A must read for all ages, the story springs back into life with pure vibrancy and passion. It is my very great pleasure and honor, to invite you into the world of Runaways.

About the Author

A mature man, living his dream , deep in the mountains of North Georgia, in a beautiful log cabin. My dream, to finally become the writer I aspired to be as a young man. Several careers and a lifetime later, I find at last my  first dream waiting for me, in a place of truly compelling beauty. I find now the greatest of satisfaction and pleasure in the recreating these stories in a voice all my own. Living proof, that dreams do come true.