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By Saniyah Chisti

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 402

Elizabeth Lawrence a simple girl or that is what she thought of herself until she faced her trials. After a brutal breakup with her boyfriend Leo, she discovers the miracle that is above and beyond the six-letter word beauty. She falls for Shaun, the billionaire law student. In the process of her spiritual awakening, she ends up discovering the secret of the world.

About the Author

My story began when I had no choice but to take a religious study class. I was shocked at how much I had learned from every single religion. In my culture, no one had ever mentioned the word Sufi. We were classified as Sunni or Shia, a division created centuries ago. I had discovered that there is mysticism in every religion and that Sufism is the mysticism in Islam. Then mysteriously one day, I received a pamphlet delivered to my house. In that pamphlet, I had found my answers. I then went on a religious pilgrimage (ʿumrah) to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. That was when my life changed forever and everything began.

As you begin to read, you will find scenarios that are my own personal experiences. In the process of my journey, I have faced numerous challenges. There were moments when it felt as if all hell broke loose on me, but with time, I began to realize how each of my challenges redirected me to the path of my destiny. If I didn’t fail, I wouldn’t be writing this book. My failures made me the person that I am today. Failure is when the universe steps in. Failure is the universe guiding you to a better direction. You see, failure is another word for trial. Embrace your trials as lessons to your next chapter. My story is my spiritual journey, which may reveal the secret of the world.