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By Robert Corns

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 192

SAVING GENERAL PATTON is a story inspired by events of World War ll, Pearl Harbor. The era of nuclear weapons that led the world to Cold war. The story starts with the mobilization and training of General Patton’s tank forces in the Mojave Desert. Patton’s mission, in part, was to defeat the German General Rommel, aka The Desert Fox, in North Africa.

About the Author

As the oldest son, age 7, in a military family and in 1941, many
years later it became clear with the hindsight of history that
the author had witnessed the formation of America’s military
power. With a college degree in hand from the University of
Oklahoma, and hours of retirement looking for a cause, the
elements of this novel came to life.The author has lived in
northern and southern California and has traveled the United
States over the last 40 years. The author, his wife and son
currently enjoy life in N. Texas.