Seventy Weeks Prophecy: How the Bible Foretold the Year Jesus(as) and Muhammad(saw) Will Come on Earth

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By Pedro C. Arceno, Jr

About the Book

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Volume 1 of the book will discuss the true gospel of Jesus(as), which is about the imminent coming of the Son of Man and the establishment of the universal kingdom of God on earth. We will emphasize the fact that the entire ministry of Jesus(as) is all about the good news of the imminent fulfillment of the ‘Son of Man’ prophecy and the ‘Kingdom of God’ prophecy of Prophet Daniel(as) as written in the Bible. Based on the correct context and interpretation, the “Son of Man” mentioned by Jesus(as) refers to Prophet Muhammad(saw) and the “kingdom of God” refers to Islam.

Volume 2 will discuss about the fulfillment of the Seventy Weeks prophecy of Prophet Daniel(as). This prophecy is actually a countdown to know the year Jesus(as) and Muhammad(saw) will come on earth. Jesus(as) is expected to arrive in the sixty-ninth week of the countdown, and Prophet Muhammad(saw) will arrive in the seventieth week of the countdown. Its exact fulfillment in history (such as the year of their birth, the starting year of their ministry and the year their messianic mission will be accomplished) is a miracle or sign from God Almighty (Qur’an 20:133) and a clear evidence (Qur’an 61:6) attesting the veracity of the prophethood of both Jesus(as) and Muhammad(saw). This will explain to us why there were Jews in Judea who knew what time or year Jesus(as) will arrive on earth; and why there were Jews in Yathrib Arabia who knew what time or year Muhammad(saw) will emerge as Messenger of God.

About the Author

Pedro C. Arceno Jr. is a graduate of B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in Mindanao State University, Philippines. A fellow member of Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) and Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE). He is currently working in a prestigious company in Saudi Arabia as Design Tech Specialist.