Sole Enemy of a SIKH Brahmanism

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By Gurpreet Singh GP

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 124

A revolutionary book which is seditious to the status quo. It presents not only a story of a clash between two ideologies but a rebellion for the survival of human values. It’s also a testimony to the fact that fascism coming to power will always create havoc on human civilization. The book promises the reader to smoothly sail from the nadir of human thought leading to untold miseries to the apex of spiritual elation & resistance which is the only way out for humanity.
The book is a hard-hitting blow on the authority of the priesthood. Surprisingly questions raised by Guru Nanak Sahib are so similar to those of non-believers with a difference that nonbelievers seek answers from priest class who in itself is the cause of confusion whereas Guru Nanak Sahib enlightens through the universal message of Eternal Command. Guru Nanak’s philosophy not merely uplift seekers’ spiritual intellect but it actually leads to sovereignty.

About the Author

Gurpreet Singh born and brought up in Punjab India has varied interests apart from having
multicultural corporate management experience in different regions. He holds strong command
on current events and history which makes him to rightly relate the events with the ideologies
working behind them. Gurpreet Singh is also the creator of ‘Saakhi- Sikh History & Gurmat’
youtube channel & mobile app. Comments from his viewers have enriched him with the queries
that are bothering the minds of seekers to maintain balance between modern globalized
society and spiritual life. This maiden book by the author is a remarkable effort to answers
those queries.