Space Alliance

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By Christopher Flores

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 106

Space Alliance is a science fiction book that involves four children who were destined to be soldiers. A war in deep space began to spread across the universe—a war between an organization called Space Alliance and a race called the Fallers. The Space Alliance, despite everything, looked for help throughout the universe and discovered Earth. When Earth was found, an alien man named Arco selected four humans who he believed are capable of helping the Space Alliance to win the war. These four humans he selected were skilled at accomplishing things that a soldier can accomplish with a few talents that each of them possess. Once they were recruited in Arco’s way, they were trained during the earliest part of their lives—as newborn babies. Read this story and find out if they are able to complete their training in time and win a war.

About the Author

My name is Christopher Flores and I am the writer of the science fiction book called Space Alliance. What inspired me to write this story was mainly because after reading the book Ender’s Game and another book called Ender’s Shadow, I never really found any other book that I liked to read. So I decided to write my own story called Space Alliance which was intended for my entertainment only until I showed my college professor that teaches Child Development that not only read it she also enjoyed it and couldn’t stop herself from reading it and highly recommended me to publish this into a book. I showed an English tutor the story that knew a lot about publishing a book and also enjoyed it as well. What took me a few months to write took me a few years to find the right publishing company to publish my book.