Spiritual Mazes & Puzzles

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By Shelly P. Emerson

About the Book

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This book of mazes and puzzles will encourage people of all ages to Builder a strong and closer relationship with Jesus & the Heavenly Father. It will also help build stronger knowledge of God’s word and what Jesus God’s Son can and will do. Learning what the benefits are of letting Jesus in to their heart and growing closer to Him knowing He’s always there, and what the disadvantages of not letting Jesus in to their life, and how to kick Satan out of their letting Jesus back in to thier life letting Him take control and guide as life goes on. Building stronger knowledge of what the Military men, women and dogs have done and are doing now of putting their lives at risk protecting us the citizens of US. Growing a stronger feeling of appreciation toward the Military soldiers, who are serving our country to protect us from the enemies. Remembering that America is “One Nation Under God”

About the Author

Because of written several stories of experiences I’ve had throughout my life as to having epilepsy, being a born again Christian, raised in a Christian environment and taught to stand firm on what I believe. These stories were written while attending a GED writing class finished the testing in ’11. I am continuing the writing adding detail to the stories and am planning on publishing it someday. The idea of the mazes & puzzles is to encourage people of any age to grow a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father. Also a reminder of what the military did in the past and are doing now of putting their lives at risk protecting our country. These mazes have to do with some Bible stories, History of America, and National Holidays.Because of the epilepsy I became quite creative due to resting after a seizure I’d sit color and draw. And found it be therapeutic to me being it helped me to relax and learned from various college courses about having a theme in a drawing or in a writing. Found that the multi-intelligence I have of both visual & verbal because through the music, & speeches, I’ve listen to or articles I’ve read along with some movies, landscape, or photos I’ve seen have brought back to mind stories from my past and ideas to mind for the designing of a maze.

Four years after the diagnoses of having epilepsy I gave my life to Jesus, but as years went by I kept asking my parents, “Why me, why do I have to have seizures.” They told me several times,” The Lord could be using you in some way.” As I’ve thought about things that have happened in my life I can understand more of what they were telling me.

I’m currently living in Tucson, AZ. and have lived here for several years. I’ve learned several things from both of my parents my mother taught me equal rights between men, women, & disabled, and how to handle things of daily life. My father taught me how to stand firm on what I believe as to living a Christian life in this world today and healthy living. My epilepsy prepared my mother to take care of my father & me by herself, which prepared me to take care of my father for five years.by myself after my mother passed. Because of that I’m able live more independently even though things are difficult I remind myself the Lord is always with.me.