Star of Hope

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By Brigitte Cromey

About the Book

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Softcover 5.5x8.5 314

When the country of Illyn falls, a baby is found on a riverbank by a man hiding from his past. Hidden deep in the woods, the heir to the throne grows up in secret, surrounded by a people who value peace above all else. When the fragile peace shatters, Rose’s future rests in the hands of those who love her the most. As her enemies close in, Rose and her friends must embark on a journey to gather forces of their own. Alliances are forged in blood as Rose confronts her own weaknesses to become the leader her homeland desperately needs—and unite a people shattered by pride, cowardice, and fear.

About the Author

Brigitte Cromey has been known to daydream so heavily that a gong must be rung to retrieve her. When not submerged in worlds of her own making, she can be found cooking with bizarre ingredients, reading entire books in a single sitting, dressing her children up as fairies and knights, and occasionally responding to the world with kindness tainted by cynicism.

Brigitte lives in southern Arizona with her husband and children. Should you encounter her, the tea kettle will always be on.