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By Linda Eketoft

About the Book

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Softcover 5.5x8.5 296

An Argentinian from Buenos Aires, Christian Pereira, sails in Antarctica. It is the end of February and other sailors are heading home as winter approaches the continent.

One sleepless night he picks up a book that he has found in his attic at home. Browsing through the text about the Western Himalayas, his eyes get fixed on the mysterious death of a British explorer and spy who was sent out by the British to influence a commercial treaty by which the entire Central Asia would open for trade. He later identifies a connection between the man and his great grandfather. Knowing the truth turns into an obsession.

The Antarctic landscape slowly starts to influence Christian. Sneaking into a research station in search for food one night, he accidently runs into Fyodor, an unpredictable Russian scientist with a mysterious past who forces Christian to give him a lift on his boat to complete his secret scientific study. This is only the beginning of a journey that turns out to be Christian's biggest challenge yet. StormCatcher is a Thriller of a journey that leaves the reader breathless.

About the Author

Linda Eketoft grew up in Sweden and she has lived abroad in various countries since. Her extensive travels in the Himalayas, South America, Antarctica and the Middle East alongside her passion for the arts and ancient trade routes has inspired her writing. Eketoft brings her readers on a thriller of a journey filled with unexpected encounters and situations shared in a stylistically captivating way, bringing a cinematic minimalist experience filled with passion and perspective.