Strathard : A Question of Choice

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By Jean Bisbey

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 282

How did one spend a million pounds for the good of humanity? I asked myself, and not for the first time. Of course it would be easy to top up Neil’s missionary funds. That might be for the good of orphans, lepers, and the like, but what would that do for humanity? And surely the professor would be expecting more of me.

“All you need, Jenny,” he’d said, “is another challenge, a big challenge and your imagination.”
I had the challenge all right. He’d seen to that. But did I have the imagination equal to the challenge?

About the Author

After a checkered career consisting of many years in civil service to music teaching in Canada where she developed a taste for general teaching, she then returned to Scotland and college to qualify for this and concluded her teaching career as deputy head in a large primary school in the West Midlands.

While living in Edinburgh, she became involved in theosophy and enjoyed a short spell as honorary librarian in the theosophical library there. This gave her such food for thought, which has never left her. Mind may be static, but thought is dynamic with potential available to everyone.