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By Olive

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x8.5 54

Hi! Do you know your name really well? Are you informed of every detail of your past, present and future? Why would this be important unless you aspire to be a perfect human being? In this true life story, the intelligent and beautiful girl, Marry Medicus-Yu, grew up with a perfect academic background in Singapore until she found Merlion Woo in University and came crashing down with schizophrenia on a school programme. Life began to shake her up and down as she struggled with her perfect thoughts until she finally engaged her true love – the Buddha.
This book first tells you about Medicus-Yu’s growing up days in the wonderful top Singaporean schools and her feelings towards her family and friends. This, before depicting her eventual heart-wrenching failures in society, followed by a determination to overcome the setbacks and achieve personal success in life. Written firsthand by author Olive herself, this book is a source of encouragement for all young and old as she shares her personal experiences as a driven single-tracked self-suitor of true love

About the Author

A true life story of an intelligent young girl turning into a Buddha through godly fate, destiny, hard work, luck and good fortune.