The 4th Competitive Force For Good

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By Hendrik J Troskie

About the Book

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Business leaders are increasingly turning towards Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) frameworks for guidance. There are clear advantages for businesses and investors in ESG companies: they are more resilient, more cost effective in risk management and less troubled by regulators. Moreover, they are given access to new markets where others fail. In this book I reveal the root cause of the problem: the 4th Competitive Force. I show that it can either be a force for good or a force for bad. ESG business that use the 4th Competitive Force for good excel, have much lower risk and much lower risk management costs. I first show you how not to run your business with a 4th Competitive Force for bad and how to turn it around so ESG is built into its DNA, that it becomes a force for good. With Covid-19 pandemic spreading across the world and economies in lockdown, many businesses have a unique opportunity to prepare for a new age where businesses work for the good of society and make a profit. If you want a fundamentally ESG company then this book is for you. As a bonus you will also have efficient and effective cybersecurity.

About the Author

Hendrik J. Troskie, MA (Philosophy), BA (Philosophy & Psychology) has studied High Impact Leadership at Cambridge University and Managing Risk in the Information Age at Harvard. Hendrik is a CISM who consults with businesses on building effective and efficient cybersecurity management systems.