The Angel and the Rogue

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By Dorothy P. Acosta Hays

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 1040

Captain Black is capturing and sinking Spanish galleons. While collecting ransom for Maria, a nobleman’s daughter, he is troubled by her identical looks to the tavern beauty, Gwendalynn Taylor, whom he promised a return. The queen fears that Black’s actions threaten diplomacy with Spain, and orders his capture.

On a revelational awakening with Maria, Black realizes he must return to Gwendalynn. He’s disappointed on finding out she has left England. Luckily, he meets with Drake who has rescued Gwendalynn from a sinking ship. Confessing to Drake she is Black’s betrothed, he delivers her to Black where he joins Drake on destroying the ships at Cadiz.

Leaving Cadiz, his fleet is scattered in a storm. He’s captured by Maria’s father, and Gwendalynn is taken hostage. Black must now escape Del Rosa’s ship, rescue his love, and win the queen’s pardon.

About the Author

Dorothy Acosta Hays is a Florida native. Her love of writing came early at the age of fourteen, when she began to create stories with pictures for her classmates to read; and when her English Teachers in middle school and high school, both encouraged her; one of them telling her she wrote like Hemingway.

The Angel and The Rogue is Dorothy’s debut novel. She is also an artist and has created a large
collection of artwork in various styles and mediums.

She resides in Miami with her children and grandchildren. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, and creating more art and writing, as well as doing research for her writing.