The Chronicles of Salduwe Book 2

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By Dave Scorza

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 416

 Through the cool night air they flew without interruption until dawn. The dwarves were taciturn, as was their usual manner, but occasional oaths were heard as the Rocs hit air pockets that sent them plummeting downward several meters. Each was alone with his or her own thoughts,   too nervous for sleep as thoughts of the dreaded Plains of Desolation loomed large in their thinking.

  Here the real battle to save the world would be fought. The stakes were high; it was winner take all! But who would be the winner? Could their small force, maybe hopelessly outnumbered, tip the scales in favor of the races?

 Salduwe, a lake hidden high in the eastern mountains of the west, holds a secret unknown for over five hundred years. Could it be a pivotal key to unlocking the mystery surrounding malevolent forces that have lain dormant, but now begin to stir?

 Stones of power come into the hands of a young warrior and his gifted sister. They become embroiled in a fight for the survival of all the races. Ancient prophecies, given into the hands of men may hold the key to unraveling the mystery, helping set into motion powerful forces driving history to a climax.

 Salduwe’s Secret, second of three magical books by Dave Scorza continues the saga of ancients who once filled the earth. It pits the Dark Lord and his destroyers of things sacred and good against the Guardians of the Halls of Time and all the races that cherish freedom and honor

About the Author

     Dave Scorza spent several years working overseas as a linguist and translator among several people groups. Finding a wealth of cultural tradition among these people, he has recorded much of their lifestyles. A fantasy buff from early childhood, he read the classic works of P.Anthony, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, LeGuin, Lawhead and others.

     While on leave in the USA, he would invent short fantasy tales for his two middle-school aged children while traveling across the USA by car. The series “The Chronicles of Salduwe” is the result of these tales gathered together in three books. He claims, “It’s my children’s fault!”