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By Carol Spencer and Terry Lowery

About the Book

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This book is the story of a psychotherapist who fell in love with a Death Row inmate who she had met through  a newspaper article and the strong urging of God to write to him. It tells about their relationship, some of the problems they had while he was in prison, and how the system helped and failed him.

About the Author

Terry was born in Muncie, Indiana to Shirley and George Stanley. He was adopted by his grandparents when he was two years old, and his last name was changed to Lowery. Terry was born a twin, but his brother died at birth. He had one other biological brother by the name of Michael, and 4 half siblings. Terry had a very disturbing childhood at the hands of his grandparents who abused him in every way possible, and kept moving around so that it would not be discovered.
He attended South Side High School in Muncie. When he turned 17 he joined the United States Army where he served for 4 years, and received an honorable discharge. He was stationed at Fort Knox while in the Army, and was trained to be a medic. After his discharge from the Army he moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where he played in the Rock Hill Band as a drummer. He also played in some country bands as well, and worked as a truck driver too while in Fort Wayne where he was accused of murder. While in prison he earned a Bachelor?s Degree in Business from Grace College.

Carol was born in Martins Ferry, Ohio to Ed and Evelyn Spencer, and was raised in nearby Bridgeport. She was the youngest of 4 girls born to her parents. She graduated from Bridgeport High School and Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She married her high school sweetheart, and they had two children, a son and a daughter.
Carol earned her Master?s Degree in Social Work in 1990, and has worked as a Clinical Social Worker ever since. Terry and Carol were married in 1993 while he was on Death Row.