The Dean’s Wife and Three Young Curates

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By Sydney James

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 224

This is a story about three young men whose relationship starts at school and develops into manhood through the Anglican church. It exposes the machinations of the church, probably similar to other denominations. It’s a torrid tale of questionable ethics, seduction, and sexual excess, leading to crime and finally redemption. The three young men become ministers for all the wrong reasons. Sin is an acceptable indiscretion, not just for them but also for those with whom they associate both inside the church as well as in the wider community. Primal instincts are played out in secular boundaries between the various characters in the story.

About the Author

My background has been broad. I guess if one starts writing at 80, most of life’s pleasures and tragedies have been experienced. One of my tragedies happened in my mid-fifties when my wife was diagnosed with cancer and whereas her healing was another story it was the trigger that got me involved in theological training at an Anglican Seminary. I believe anyone’s perception in relationships would seriously change if they shared the same vocational training in that relationship such as a lawyer, policeman, doctor etc., instead of being a lay-person virtually ignorant of specialised information.