The Doctor and the Unwelcomed Tourists

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By Curtis Sonny

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 248

Emergency Physician needed
Exotic location and Luxury Lifestyle

This is what Dr. Sean Wellard had signed up for. Life could not have been better. He was working in paradise and busy falling in love. He is soon involved in a series of events that leads him to the edge of despair. His friendship with Inspector Max Dawes and an unwelcomed tourist’s criminal activities soon ushers him into a world of murder, mayhem and a long kept secret revealed.

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of your doctor when you are in the ER?
Ever wondered what patients are really wanting to know about their Illness in the ER?
How does it feel when a dark secret gets revealed to the one you love? Will they still love you?
A book every doctor, patient and human being should read.

About the Author

Sean Wellard is a Caribbean emergency physician. He has worked in the Caribbean and abroad and tries to juggle his writing with his hectic schedule. He has as well done a book of poetry called Poems on Love and Divinity. He lives with his family and Honey, the hamster. He enjoys traveling with them to exotic places, usually leaving the hamster with friends. He is definitely very keen on reading bedtime stories to his bedtime audience—the kids.
He is a keen photographer, singer, and cook and is happy to be sharing these pursuits with you in the near future. He is always up for karaoke and rum and Coke, but beware, he is almost always on the lookout for the best pudding and souse, roti wrap, and doubles with his crew. His favorite places to visit are London, Tampa Bay, New York, Miami, Savannah, Boston, Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.