The Dueling Wizards of Simpletown

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By Whitney Lee Preston

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 116

A Tale of Fantasy involving two silly Magicians, and a Cunning Plan by their two-faced servant.

About the Author

Whitney Lee Preston and Nancy Morgan Reed are an married author team writing children's and juvenile stories of myth, adventure and magic. The pair taught and performed for years in live theater and have now brought this wonder to books. They share time in the San Francisco Bay area where Whitney works with airplanes, and on Morgan's ranch in the foothills. They share a love of long walks with the dogs, a good bookstore, a great restaurant, and an entertaining story to share. Other works include The Saga of Elf and Troll, Horse My Heart, Surviving the Butte Fire Evacuation, and the SciFi Mythos trek series, "What's it Gonna Be, Captain?". Available on amazon, Xlibris, BarnesandNoble and many titles coming to bookstores soon.