The Elves in My House

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By Molly Prickett

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x8.5 24

Have you ever wondered why your socks go missing? Why does the sink drain keep getting plugged?

If you answered yes, look no further for the answer. You may have elves living in your house. Find out all about the trouble causing critters one little girl discovers in her house. You might be surprised to find you have relatives of those same elves making mischief at your house.

About the Author

Molly Prickett has always loved fairy tales. She was so excited to share the stories she loved with her niece and nephew when she became an aunt. Whenever Molly's niece and nephew would visit they would eagerly listen to her read all of the classic tales. Eventually, Molly ran out of stories to share. The kids still wanted more stories, so Molly had to create brand new ones. Since her niece was always asking that popular question of why, Molly decided to make the answers magical.
“Why can't I stay in the bathtub until I turn into a prune?”
“Because the elves in the drain want to come out but they can't because your still in the bathtub.”
That one silly answer was the beginning of the incredible tales of the elves in Aunt Molly’s old house.