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By Elliot Ricardo

About the Book

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Today several ideas and conceptions regarding ancient-traditions in the society are taken as correctly right, and therefore derivates activities considered as granted, however their interpretation and use could be put in debate as we never were told the true and sometimes even the real history was never mentioned. The human reason and trust was betrayed by rulers with the help of religion, transforming “rationality” into blind faith into false religious statements about our social role. Several facts were adapted conveniently by historian to the politicians in powers, it was not always appropriate or obviously as more of the people thing they were. For example, the legacy of religion, Calvinism, as one of religious which tough people about predestination, and the peoples’ impossibility to change their destiny, thus, such beliefs that laws of rulers were Gods will.

About the Author

I was born in Bogota since my first scholar years I was one of the best students, won a scholarship to study chemistry in URRS from where I graduated at Kharkov university in 1989 after that did my aspirantura from 1990-95 then wnet to Germany where studied for 5 years, since then working indifferent research areas and technology my scientific hobbies; philosophy and economics, astronomy. for the last 17 years I have been written several books about social aspects, economics and society's issues. from 2006 become a Spanish citizen, and from 2004 I living in the UK. I did several mphils in chemistry, a master in physics from the Liverpool university(2008) and two years FC research at Newcastle university.