The Game-Meat of My Father

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By Omer Mbudi Masela

About the Book

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Dear Friend,

Thanks for your interest in this book! Thinking about the question of friendship, I remembered my father. He was a friend to everyone. I wanted to learn more about his life. But I also think his life will be interesting to many more people, who want to know about what a life of friendship can be like.

My present work obliges me to meet people very often, including family members, friends and relatives. The best thing to do was to write about my father. You may be interested in visiting a place that you have never been in: Central Africa in general, and Congo's region called Mayombe particularly.

The book is about a retired soldier who went back to his original village where he became a farmer once again. In addition to farming, hunting was his hobby. When he could catch game-animals, he was happy to share their meat with people around him.

While writing about my father, I discovered that I have a special mission that I need to accomplish. Read the book, you will know about that mission.

"The Game-Meat of My Father" is in fact about the joy of connecting with friends and relatives.

About the Author

Omer Mbudi Masela has been living in Taipei for more than ten years. He likes hiking. Reading is his source of inspiration. Recently, he took interest in writing essays. He thinks that the first person to write about should be his father. Omer will probably have more to tell us.