The Honey

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By Divya Voruganti

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Softcover 8.5x8.5 92

About the Author

My name is Divya Voruganti Sabarwal. I am a very simple woman when it comes to friendship and loyalty. This book is dedicated to my family and friends. The biggest feature of my book is that I am on a particular subject, but what I have learned from my life has not come to my mind. I kept writing with whatever I thought from the heart because I used to think that yes, what I needed in my life I could have what I need in everyone and in life. I can hear the words and understand what is in my life. You may have problems listening to them, but when you understand this book, you will also realize that yes, the specialty of this book is that it is not written for anyone, especially on the year, which was felt on the heart. I know very well you are more intelligent and reconciled than me, but I still tried in such a way for people understand me.