The Indian Hero and the Old American Man

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By Joshua Cody

About the Book

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Softcover 5.5x8.5 198

“This is an intriguing coming-of-age story that centers on friendship and love but also incorporates elements of magical realism and science fiction. The setting descriptions are vibrant, and the characters are realistic and nicely flawed.”

A thirty-seven-year-old virgin, known as the Indian Hero, has not consummated his marriage of twelve years. To top it off, he has a gold-digging girlfriend who has not slept with him in five years, an employer who owes him a year’s salary, and a dream to produce his original screenplay. But when the Hero’s path crosses with that of an elderly American man living in Saudi Arabia, everything is about to change.

After the old American invites the Hero on an eight-day vacation to Thailand to heal from his financial and emotional woes, the Hero looks forward to the respite away from his challenges in Abu Dhabi and India without any idea that the American’s goal is to recruit a go-go bar girl to take his virginity. Despite the American’s warnings to the Hero to not fall in love with the beautiful bar girl in Bangkok, he does. But will she reciprocate his feelings or leave him a lonely man just like all the other women in his life?

In this engaging novel of friendship and self-discovery, an American man takes an Indian hero under his wing to help him heal his mind, body, and spirit while on a vacation in Thailand.