The Land of Phasinanie

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By Michele Renee Fecteau

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 96

The five elders of Phasinanie are growing worried for their village. Although they are tired from many years of service, a new group of elders has not been chosen for training. Even worse, the people are starting to lose their belief in the magic that has been a part of their home for generations.

Will the next five ever come to meet beneath the tree and then find their way to the castle, where they could learn what place they will hold for their village? Many have started the journey, but none have made it to the castle in many years. Meanwhile, the castle waits for the chosen, holding mysteries that will help the new group of leaders find their places within the village and help and lead their people. Only time and the faith of the chosen to believe in magic and themselves will reveal whether hope can return to Phasinanie.

In this fantasy tale, a village that relies on the magic of a nearby castle looks to five children to be chosen as their new leaders.

About the Author

Michele Renee Fecteau is the mother of five wonderful children ranging in ages from seventeen to twenty-seven. In 2008, she married her soul mate, Vince, and with his encouragement followed her dream of writing. Stories have always been in her heart and mind, and Michele is now able to share them with others. Despite being dyslexic, she has come to learn that no matter the obstacles you should always go for your dreams. She has a love for painting, reading, hiking, yoga, and baking and currently lives in Wills Point, Texas.