The Last Red Sunset

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By Jose Luis Almazan

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 184

Bringing back in time, life through the 1950?s. This is a great untold story. A unique adventure into a world of wild imagination. The struggle of two families for survival. One, firmly seeking to look in the right direction. The other with tremendous inclination for wrong doings. Both victims of their own ignorance. THE LAST RED SUNSET describes with complete details the knowing-mess that ignorance can create. And how it impacts the life of others for better or worse. Taking me back in time to my childhood in 1970?s, connecting me to some sources of strange events. The novel tells the unthinkable adventure of three brothers that sat foot in a remote farm in 1955, the struggle for survival, and their tragic demise. And those that once lived under the rain of happiness and fear around them. Just living the life day by day, even if that day was destined to be the last red sunset.

About the Author

Jose Luis Almazan is the author of a previous book called UN GRITO A LA NOSTALGIA, which is a great compilation of one hundred poems in Spanish. Almazan was born in 1965, in Guerrero, Mexico., grew up in Mexico City, and lives in Chicago.