The Life of John Cotterell

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By John Cotterell

About the Book

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This book is about the life of John Cotterell from the time of his birth. He wrote this book himself but sadly passed away on 10 November 2014, aged 82, before completing his memoirs. His life was hectic. John was a disabled person from an early age who suffered but never complained about life and ill health. He lost his wife to cancer at 42 years of age and suffered with chronic depression for a period after. He speaks about his experiences and was a wonderful father to David and Robert.

About the Author

John Cotterell was one of life’s true gentleman. He was intelligent, caring and with a sense of humour to rival the best. He was a disabled man who battled Polio, heart disease and Guillian-Barre Syndrome, none of these illnesses stopped him from living his life to the full. He was married to Naureen and had two sons, David and Robert. After his wife Naureen’s life was cut short at age 42 after a battle with Breast Cancer, John went on to bring his 2 sons up alone at the ages of 11 and 6. John worked hard throughout his professional life and maintained life long friendships who he would socialise with on a regular basis until his death. Ever a keen sportsman who enthused over football and cricket and grew up supporting Birmingham City Football Club and Warwickshire Cricket Club. But it was John’s love of the theatre and classical music which was to become a passion for him. Reminiscing up until the time of his death about the shows he had seen often from talented actors and singers who were ‘unknown’ and who went on to become some of Britain’s biggest names in show business. John had for years treasured waiting patiently by the stage doors to meet these artists and to get their autographs. There were some amazing autographs and signed photos to treasure...