The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

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By Richard Little

About the Book

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Softcover 5x8 88

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways is a story about the Little family and how the world events effected their lives. The story begins in a quiet little village in Europe, but do to very profound events they has to leave there home and come to the United States. Things were not easy going in the United States either. The events that caused them to leave Europe caught up with them and they had to move. This humble family had to undergo many difficulties, but there Faith, drive, and determination always help them succeed. They have always believed when the Lord closes a door he opens a window somewhere, you just have to find it. The Little family have always held true to strong values of what is right and what is wrong, which is brought out in the book. Today my wife and I live in a retirement home and we have some health problem, but I am a Chaplain in the American Legion and have been over fifteen years. I try very hard to help fellow veterans and my community. My brother Solomon was in the army for twenty six years and flew a helicopter in Vietnam, where he was shot down twice and won two purple hearts as a result. That is another story. What I am getting at it was our Faith in the Lord and our determination has always helped us succeed. I wrote this book to try to help people that are down on luck to try to give them some encouragement to succeed.