The Love of Learning Reading Method Through Phonics

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By Dr. Ijya C. Tulloss

About the Book

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This book is about learning to read and write or learning to write and read. My humble observations have told me that the population of readers and nonreaders can be categorized into three:

1. Those who were not taught reading at all
2. Those whose experience with the teaching learning process was either incomplete, ineffective, or erroneous
3. Those whose grasp of the structure of the English language is insecure or incomplete

Those in the first category can benefit from instruction. Those in the second and third categories can benefit from a step-by-step refresher course or instruction in phonics. This is what this book is all about. First, let us get a bird?s-eye view of the three populations identified.

About the Author

I trained as a chemist, earned my MS. in Chemistry at Northwestern University and worked for Abbott Laboratories. With the birth of my first son, my interest shifted to education. I became a certified Montessori teacher in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. After the birth of my second son, nine years later, I founded my own Montessori school, Glencoe Montessori School. I became a certified K-9 elementary teacher in the State of Illinois, earned my doctorate in Early and Middle Childhood Education from Nova Southeastern University.

Coming from a scientific background and entering into a new field of endeavor, I purposely sought out activities that enriched my background in the humanities. These new activities gave me a more balanced background to go into teaching. I engaged in International folk dancing for 10 years, ballroom dancing for 14 years, Two-step dancing, for two years. I sang in the church choir for 12 years and sang in women's barbershop chorus for a year. I rejoined the barbershop chorus five years ago and am currently engaged in singing with the group. Meanwhile I was convinced that communication through speech was an asset so I joined Toastmaster International, a public speaking club.

Following my mother's suggestion to continue studying all throughout life, I picked up courses here and there on cultural anthropology, Adlerian psychology, Theosophy, Kabbalah, and spirituality. My mother's last suggestion was, "If you run out of things to study, take up law." I have not embarked on the study of law as yet. Give me some time.

The varied experiences and training have broadened my worldview and enriched my pool of resources to address life's vicissitudes. I have become passionate in the area of reading and writing. Nothing compares to the joy of witnessing a child reading a whole book all by himself for the first time. Indeed teaching a child to write and read is a gift that opens doors to learning about himself, the world we live in and the people and inhabitants therein.

This book is my gift to all learners so that all may read. Join me in this endeavor.