The Many Shades of Light

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By Shoshana Avni

About the Book

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Softcover 5.5x8.5 230

Young Sarah is dazzling, intelligent, and sassy. Older Sarah is also intriguing and wise.

They both know the meaning of fully loving the other and being loved. They are both sensual and enjoy sex.

The Many Shades of Light stretches a span of more than sixty years in the life of this incredible woman.

You will not put down the book until you finish reading, and then, you would like to have Sarah as your friend.

About the Author

Shoshana Avni is in her midseventies, and it is her first book. She is a Rabbi's daughter in a family of nine siblings and deeply cares for women, children, animals, trees, and older people's rights for equality and consideration.

She believes the act of reading has many purposes, and her purpose as a writer is to bring mainly pleasure to her readers. She thinks life without humor is unbearable.