The Parables to the Living and the Dead

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By George Sloan

About the Book

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“The Parable code” is spiritual to the living and the dead. Those “Indwelled with the Holy Spirit of God” live in “Forgiveness Peace and Love” with their fellow man and their persecutors just as Jesus was ““double crossed” and “Trumped”” by the High Priests. Jesus assigned cross as your God assigned cross is to bear without “Whining and Sniveling”. Who Killed Homer, by Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath speaks to how Academia was destroyed; also points to how Biblical Fellowship was sold to become the religions of men by men. The elects “Communion” is only with Jesus Christ; not to be replaced by the god Gain, the Profit Lucre or St. Mammon in their quest of Wealth, Power and Fame. “A History of the Jewish People” by H.H. Ben-Sasson, Part III by M. Stern, is about “The Antichrist” John of Gischala Jewish hero of the last four years of “The Apocalypse”, God used the Atheist Issacs Asimov to shanghaies this fool fair and square and guided by the Holy Spirit to this work, words, and reason herein to simplify God’s “WORD” because it has been misused by the predestined dead from the foundation of the World, when God “RESTED”. UPDATED 07/03/19: “The Parables Code” is provided by God to enlighten the elect to salvation and to delude the dead to proceed to their earthly demise on the lake of fire which is forever.