The Portuguese Witness

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By John Reidy

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 206

An elegant saga with storylines across eras and family generations, set with geographical precision in both modern and Roman Portugal.

A heartwarming tale of love, tragedy, loss, success, friendships, mystery and love rediscovered for Paulo, the urbane successful architect of modern Portugal.

Travel around the cities and towns, vineyards and Atlantic litoral landscapes of Portugal with Paulo and his friends and discover the magical history, culture, cuisine and enology of this both ancient and modern country.

Marvel at the extraordinary and wonderfully complicated effect of Claudio Bracarri, a Lusitanian Celt of Roman times on Paulo?s life, an effect compounded by the rediscovery of ancient Roman artefacts and documents, once the property of Claudio and the Treasury of the ancient Roman city of Connimbraga.

Written with an easy, comfortable classicism, the novel appeals to the sophisticated reader and traveller.

About the Author

The Author is a retired Civil Engineer.
He has travelled extensively throughout the Iberian peninsula in Portugal and Spain since first been captivated by the history and culture of this magical land and by the charm, generosity and wonderful welcome of its people.
He spends part of each year living on the Atlantic coast near the medieval city of Obidos, a mystical hilltop town protected by castellated walls and festooned with brilliantly coloured bougainvillea flowers reflecting the vibrant pastel coloured houses along the narrow winding cobbled streets, a recognised centre of culture, art and literature and famed for its annual Medieval Fair each summer.
He spends his summers with his family in West Clare along Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.