The Ring Secret

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By Lady Canaday

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 184

Are you a concerned parent dreading to have “the birds and the bees talk” with your inquisitive preteen son or daughter? Dread no more as this edutaining resource is an excellent facilitator designed for parent and child to read together.

• Contains a wealth of health information
• Answers touchy questions openly
• Features colored illustrations
• Includes musical references
• Promotes family values

Dorothy and Marvin O’Brien, a December-May couple, teach valuable lessons to fifth graders about love and life as the curious class awaits the mystery surrounding a ring secret to be unveiled. This comprehensive parenting tool commences in September 2009 and follows the teacher and pro basketballer as they navigate marriage, family, and career.

About the Author

Lady Canaday is an educator and the author of Long Sleeves, Pretty Boy Presley, and The Ring Secret. Visit her on the web at​. Follow her on Twitter @LadyCanaday.