The Secret of LIBERATION

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By Devaaseer Lankadieu

About the Book

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You’ll find the values of the art of purification of the ‘self’ in this book. As you read, you will understand the secret that was hidden till date. And this Revelation will bring you the joy of living. People in the past were aiming to procure health, wealth, joy, peace, and the most aspired, deathless life; but it was in vain. The craving for deathlessness was one thing that was not achieved by anybody in the planet. This book paves the way for immortality.

About the Author

Devaaseer Emmanuel Lankadieu, the second son of R.Paulaseer Lawrie Muthukrishna and Ebenezer Natchathiram, was born on 31.01.1950 at Vellore, India. To propagate Inter-religious faith he has travelled all around the world. He has penned many books based on the teachings of Shree Lahari Krishna and has documented a movie too.