The Secrets of Smugglers Light

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By V. L. Harrison

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 80

I would describe this book as : Harry Potter meets Beatrix Potter meets Enid Blyton.. The animals are the stars of the book, having numerous adventures, while their owners have no idea at all that they all lead double lives! Set in a fairly remote spot on a wild coast, the history of the old lighthouse ties itself to its contemporary occupants with astonishing results. Highs, lows, panic & terror are just some of the emotions to grip the friends in their quest to salvage some old stolen treasure! Things are never what they seem; with ghosts, witches and wizards all adding to the strange brew!! Life will never be the same again..

About the Author

I studied art, graphic design, and illustration @ art school in the 60's. Followed by Archaeology & English Literature & Art History B.A. in the 80's, & Science with the O.U. in the in the late 90's. My working life has included: printing, art & design with H.M.S.O & Mc Millan Publishers, & painting & manufacturing prosthetic eyes of the NHS. I have also worked in Electronic Engineering. I am now retired, & enjoy writing, reading, painting & crafts.