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By John Hall

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 326

Life for Joe Peter's is good, but it is about to change. Little does he know mankind's future may depend on it. But will humanity be ready for the challenge?

An ancient alien nation has plans for this young world's people, they have the technology and the need to succeed, but is arrogance their downfall? Mankind for the first time has the answer to the one question that has been asked down the centuries, ?are we alone?

But what now? The world leaders each have their own agenda, so what is the next move? All in authority believe they have the right to dictate their own rules and boundaries, with their self-belief in what is right. But, in the eyes of the visitors, all of this is as insignificant as an anthill is to man.

Joe finds himself at the center of a race to save all that he loves?

About the Author

The author John Hall began writing while living in Yorkshire. He found himself tied to the house due to illness, so from this sprung the makings of ‘The Slave Race’. He spent many mornings narrating the story so far, to his supportive wife, who had much input to its growth. The story grew and became larger than he could have imagined. So, here the story begins, but by no means ends.

John began as a Garage Mechanic, then move into the emerging world of ‘IT’. He worked within ‘Mainframe Computing’ for twenty years, this, traversed into the world of ‘Personal Computing’. Combining these skills, with an active imagination, led him into the world of ‘Sci-Fi’.

Meeting his wife, Tracy, in his home county of Warwickshire, they then began their life in Nuneaton. Thirty-eight years later, they now enjoy time together touring, while John continues to write. He has now finally decided, to publish this first book, and wishes to thank Tracy for the encouragement, and support, she has provided.