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By Roger Fleming

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 66

The storyline is that of a dragon named Desmond who has been brought up to believe he is a lamb until a witch named Winifred crashes into his life.
She tries to lead him astray when she discovers he can breathe fire.
Desmond knows the difference between right and wrong so he runs away and finds a job helping a blacksmith.
Winifred discovers where he is working, she is ashamed of what she tried to do and persuades Desmond to rejoin her. They form a happy friendship which leads to a big party and maybe more adventures.

About the Author

The author left school and went straight into a management training program in the Lancashire textile industry. This was interrupted by two years of compulsory conscription to serve in the RAF in Germany. Once demobilized he spent the next ten years in various branches of textiles until deciding in the early 1960s to make a complete change. For three years  he organised overland bus trips through the Middle East to Afghanistan and Nepal and made this journey seven times. It was on one of these expeditions that he met his wife and married life found them living in Nottinghamshire. They had a daughter and a son and often spent holidays in Ireland. It was on the long car journey to the Irish Ferry, before the days of computer games, that Winifred and Desmond were born. The inevitable cry of "are we there yet?" was the invitation for Winifred and Desmond to come to the rescue and another chapter in their adventures was created. Many of them appear in this story today.