The Theory of Everything and the Man Who Could Save the Earth

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By Dennis Zamudio Flores

About the Book

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A man’s love for nature could turn out to be the greatest love for humanity, and such a fondness could ultimately pave the way on his quest to enlighten and encourage everyone about the essence of that love—to passionately save the earth and its biodiversity from destruction. By saving the earth from the ravages of anthropogenic climate change—deforestation, peak oil, and rising seas—a love for nature can reverse the trends and therefore prolong life for not only the planet but for human beings as well.

The Theory of Everything and the Man Who Could Save the Earth is dedicated to nature conservationists and environmental advocates from around the world, and it explores a philosophical solution to the catastrophe of global climate change. Formulating a so-called “theory of everything” that can apply not just to physics, astronomy, and the sciences—but to philosophy, knowledge, and history as well—it provides a framework to challenge long-held truths and overcome extremism, skepticism, and superstitious beliefs.

A unified, consistent model of the universe, its origin, and its operation may provide a panacea in a world troubled by climate change and fundamentalism. Bringing together science with religion and the history of ideas can crystallize a worldview rooted in a love for both knowledge and nature—an essential part of the vision for preventing environmental collapse and saving human existence.