The Time Traveller’s Dilemma

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By Thom Poole

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 228

A chance purchase puts a time machine into the hands of Paul Sherwood, a man with a desire to improve his life and those of his family. Thom Poole’s tale tells of Sherwood’s travels through time, visiting his ancestors and witnessing a number of important events. He experiences the London Blitz during the search for his great-grandfather, and fighting alongside his great, great-grandfather in the WWI Trenches during the first day of the Battle of the Somme. He experienced the slums of Victorian London and the rural serfdom of Georgian England, but what did he leave in his wake? In his travels, Sherwood awakes a passion for history, but also emotional ties to his family. He tries to improve their lives by warning them of dangers, paying for luxuries and saving some lives. Follow the unfolding story and imagine what you would do in Sherwood’s situation, would you help your ancestors to a better life? How would you cope with The Time Traveller’s Dilemma? Find out if Sherwood does!

About the Author

Thom Poole is a professional international marketer who has experience across all aspects of business, focusing on digital and technology marketing. Thom is a visiting professor of marketing who originally wrote books to help his students understand the topic.
Having worked for and with inspirational companies such as O2, Black & Decker, Microsoft and eBay - Thom has been involved in many ground-breaking initiatives - sharing his experience in his books.
Alongside his business books, Thom has also written successful novels.